How it works

Recognizing how we use the body in activity allows us to change ingrained habits and regain freedom and ease of movement. The Alexander Technique is a tool that helps us become aware of what we do too much, to begin to stop doing so, thus being able to consciously choose how to move or what we want for our body instead of react mechanically to stimuli. It makes a positive change in your life without tricks or unpleasant side effects. It is safe, cost-effective and requires no expensive equipment.

  • The Alexander Technique can help to reduce the pain, the disability and the stress.
  • It is also an excellent support in the recovery of injuries.
  • Improves your posture and coordination.
  • Increases confidence and resistance.

It is easy to learn by practicing under the guidance of experts, a short cycle of lessons will allow you to use the Alexander Technique by yourself. The result: an effortless straight position, light, fluent movements and permanently more in quality of life.