About me

I completed my A.T. education at the “School for Alexander Technique Berlin” by Dan Armon.
Since 2010 I am a certified teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique and a member of the Alexander Technique Association of Germany (ATVD), teaching individuals and groups in schools and universities for Performing Arts as well as in my private studio. I have Teach Modern Dance at Seneca Intensive Dance Program, Dock11, Urbanraum Studios Berlin and assist at the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Arts Berlin (HZT).

I grew up in Mexico City, where I was formed in ballet and contemporary dance since childhood.
In Germany, I studied dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts under the direction of Pina Bausch. There I first came in contact with the Alexander Technique through classes by Prof. Nadia Kevan.
After I had completed my studies, I lived  in New York for three years to expanded my experiences in dance. In almost all lessons I met the Alexander technique, which was used as an integral part of the performing arts. Since the first lesson the Alexander technique had become a constant companion for me, not only in dance, but also in my personal life – while walking, sitting, during my pregnancies and breastfeeding.

I was surprised that I applied the principles of the Alexander Technique, both in everyday and stressful situations, to be centered and completely in touch with myself. Already living in Berlin, I decided to become a teacher of this method, which was so useful to me. I had the desire to deepen my knowledge and to be able to give something as practical as the AT to others.