Individual lesson
Weekly lessons with flexible schedules
Coaching for musicians, actors, dancers and athletes
For people of all ages.
for all types of professions.
Location: Auguststrasse 65 10117 Berlin-Mitte at  Studio “Jetzt & Hier”
Contact me: 0177/8737822 or

Group Lesson
For those who prefer to work in groups, it is recommended to start learning the technique individually (teacher-student) and then integrate into group classes (between three and ten participants). Alexander Technique group classes offer the opportunity to observe others and receive feedback from peers.

Lessons for entrepreneurs
Assistance for companies in the area of Human Resources
Alexander Technique is the ideal solution to reduce work-related stress, improve the health of your employees, communication and relationships at work.

“Above all, keep in mind that a business is a collection of people”. “If your people are not happy and healthy, then your enterprise’s prognosis isn’t good enough. But if you make sure they have the time and support they need, you’ll set them and your company up for success in the long term.”
Richard Branson