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Nuevas clases presenciales a partir del 6 de diciembre de 2021
Lunes a las 19: 30h.
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A partir del 8 de junio volvemos a bailar en el estudio.

clase de prueba: la capacidad en el estudio es limitada por un tiempo, por lo que es necesario registrarse para las clases de prueba:

Modern/Contemporary Dance
My lessons are based on the Joos-Leeder technique and,- expanded by elements from Release-, Limon- and Alexander Technique, aim at a comprehensive training of alignment, flow, joints, muscles and musicality . These organisation principles support every dancer to find his individual access to dance and creation.
Kurt Joos, co-founder of the German expressionist dance, was a pupil of Rudolf von Labans and next to Mary Wigman, Harold Kreutzberg and others one of the best-known dancers and choreographers of the 1920s and 1930s, a representative of Expressionism. The technique he developed has become an integral part of the dance education of Essen’s Folkwang Arts University, which he founded.

Dance Company Lab
Técnica de danza y coreografía enfocada hacia prácticas contemporáneas y Performance:
The idea of this course is to experience a Dance company-similar dynamic, beginning with a dance technique class, then working on a choreographic creative process (rehearsal) to finally show the results of it. In technique, the students will be challenged to work on their body’s alignment and increase coordination and strength abilities, developing awareness and motion in multiple spatial planes. The choreography component of this course is about learning and developing movement with a range of choreographic approaches.